Synchronization panels are mainly designed and used to meet power system requirements. These panels provide manual as well as automatic synchronizing function for one or more generator breakers. They are widely used in synchronizing generators and offering multiplexing solutions.

Salient Features

  •   433V, Upto 1010KVA DG’s Synchronization Panels
  •   Auto / Manual Operation, for Manual override
  •   Equipped with a manual over-ride control
  •   Stable operation even for sudden variations in the load
  •   Auto load Sharing / Transfer / Shedding features
  •   Default Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Feature is inherent.

Other Specialized Panels

  •   Automatic Mains Failure Panels (AMF) Panels
  •   Marshalling & Junction Boxes for Versatile Purposes
  •   Cable Trays Manufacturing
  •   UPS Integrated Panels (ERTL Tested upto 300KVA for Industrial Motor Load)
  •   Complete wireless & fiber optic based SCADA Integration
  •   Control Desks & Console
  •   Mimic Display (with spot illumination)
  •   Feeder Pillar Local Panels