Sandwich Bus Ducts Manufacturers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

VisionTekniks is one of the top suppliers of Sandwich Bus Ducts and Rising Mains in India. We supply fully tested certified Sandwich Bus Duct, adhering to IEC 61439-6: standards. They are available in Current Rating of 400A to 5000A in Al and 400A to 6000A in Cu.
The housing of the duct system is done with Electro Galvanized steel of 1.5mm thickness and with Aluminium wrap around and Mylar insulation of Class B/ 130°C. Our Bus Duct System offers easy access, sturdy build quality, and efficient electric supply in commercial, industrial and residential projects.
A Bus Duct system is used extensively due to its convenient installation and management compared to cabling and trunking. As the leading  Sandwich Bus Duct suppliers , VisionTekniks Sandwich Bus Duct System is accredited leading quality and testing organizations.
Our Bus Duct Systems are available with the Ingress Protection IP ratings 40, 41, 54, 65 and 66 and Seismic Compliance of Zone-IV. Our products are compact, flexible design, offer good heat absorption, reduced loss of energy with safe power distribution.

Sandwich Bustrunking finds application in power transfer and distribution solutions replacing cables between:-
  Transformer to Switchgear Panels
  Interconnection between Switchgear Panels
  Diesel Generator to Synchronizing/ Switchgear Panels
  Rising mains or Vertical distribution
  Horizontal distribution

Above Applications will find Transmission and Distribution solutions in following segments

  •   Process plants, Manufacturing Industries & Industrial Offices
  •   Commercial, Residential real estate & Hospitals
  •   Infrastructure establishment – Airports, Metros, Railways, Ports
  •   Shopping Centres, Exhibition Centres & Warehouses,
  •   IT Parks, Data centres solutions, Solar farms.

We at VisionTekniks have been continuously addressing the market needs over past four decades in various applications.