Why Vision Tekniks

Why Us

We the VT Family are primarily into Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of HT & LT Electrical Power Distribution Panels, i.e. ( PCC, MCC, MDB, PDB, MV, PMCC's ) , 11KV DG Synchronization Panels, Load Sharing, Automatic Power Factor Control Panels, AMF panels, MIMIC Panels, Control & Relay Panels, MV, LV Bus Ducts & Rising Mains . We also undertake Installation of 11-132KV Sub-Stations, Turn-Key Contracts for various types of industries like Metallurgical, IT Companies, Cement ,Sugar, Power, Bio Technology, Spinning, Mining, Pharma/ Chemicals, Laboratories, Institutions, Engineering, Infrastructure Etc.

Better Living Through Better Engineering

Spanning over two decades of commitment to Excellence in Engineering has helped us provide some of the big names in the industry, with solutions that have made their business simple and economic. Thus many associate with Vision Tekniks, as their One Stop Procurement and Solution providers for their electrical needs.

Credential Highlights

  1. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
  2. CPRI Type Tested for 100KA short circuit test.
  3. 15000 sft of integrated infrastructure, networked workstations and 70 strong team


  1. Fully equipped inhouse machinery like:
    •   Inhouse Hydraulic Bus Bar Shearing, Punching and Bending facility.
    •   Inhouse CNC Hydraulic Sheet Steel Shearing Machine.
    •   Inhouse CNC Hydraulic Sheet Steel Bending Machine.
    •   Inhouse CNC Hydraulic Sheet Steel Punching Machine.
    •   Inhouse printed ferrule machine for ease of identification & future maintenance.
    •   Pneumatic line for tightening bolts to ensure fool proof reliability of joints.
  2. Two of Tata 2-Tonner goods carrier vehicles. (Tata Ace – Super)

Testing Facility

Fully equipped inhouse testing facility with testing equipments like:

  •   Fluke Energy Analyzer. (Every Electrical Parameter)
  •   Fluke Advanced Power.
  •   HV testing equipment – upto 75KV
  •   Heat run test equipment (upto 4000A)
  •   Primary injection test Kit (upto 2500A)
  •   Secondary injection test kit (0-10A)
  •   Insulation testing equipment - Meggar (5KV,2.5KV)
  •   PosiTest DFT Combo Coating thickness gauge
  •   Power conductivity meter for Busbars
  •   Contact Resistance Test Kit
  •   Thermal Image Sensor SATIR

Quality Policy

Being an ISO 9001:2008 company and being in the market for over 25 years, We at Vision Tekniks have come up with diverse solutions for users of low and medium voltage equipment.

The effort has always been to provide our best to the customers, because at VT we take customer delight paramount importance. Quality equipment backed up with remarkable after sales service has today earned us pioneering reputation in the industry.

Today the products range includes Distribution Boards and Controls Panel of all type in various size and capacities & Turnkey electrical contracts.

At every stage of manufacturing, carry out meticulous quality checks, right from selection of CR sheet, shearing, folding, welding, drilling, making cut out, surface cleaning and powder/ liquid coating, assembly and pre dispatch inspection.

Maintaining highest level of consistent quality. We have type testing for short rating capacity 100 KA for 1 sec. And IP-55, ingress protection. From switchgear testing station, Central Power research Institute, Bangaluru.(Karnataka)

VTEA’s experience covers

  •   Expertise in designing SSI to extra large scale plants, from 75 HP to 10,000 HP connected loads.
  •   Design of simple starters to Nuclear Power Plant Electricals
  •   Drafting of procurement specifications for LT switchgear; HT yard equipment; Transformers & DG sets; Panels; AC/DC drives; soft starters;       PLC based systems etc
  •   Operations & Maintenance of Electrical network.

Innovative Solutions

By virtue of our wide-ranging experience and in-depth technical knowledge, we can offer very innovative solutions, leading to huge cost savings and performance, without compromising safety and reliability.

Control on Wastes

Most of the times we come across over designed, technically un-sound, ill-logically planned schemes which causes cost penalty to the enterprise and impairs functionality

On all such circumstances, we closely interact with the customers and help the clients in all respects, in taking sound decisions.

ISO Management Practices

ISO systems are religiously followed at VT Right from processing of enquiry up to after sale services. We have very well laid and closely monitored practices.


Well trained and disciplined team, for customer service, Excellent documentation, covering drawings; data sheets; O & M manuals; Test reports etc

Visiontekniks earnestly & continuously strives to achieve excellence not only in its operations but also in the foray of Corporate Citizenship. It has deep respect for social values and human ethos. The company is committed to improve the quality of life of its employees through safe work practices, healthy environment & human welfare.


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